There’s nothing better than the
gift of healthand wellbeing.
The Royal Spa treatments and
massages will instantly make
anyone feel better. They make
a warm, original gift that shows
you really care about that special
someone, be it a friend, partner
or family member. Go ahead and
get the card to make someone
really happy!

Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Beirut
Beirut- Lebanon
Tel+961 4 555 444
Monday - Saturday, 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Sunday, 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM

With every purchase you can
benefit a full day access to the
Royal Spa facilities, including
the sauna, gym and Jacuzzi!

body line
facial line
massada world rituals
electro muscle stimulation
iyashi dome
Chakra Balance and Essences from the Far East
Balances and revitalizes the physical and 'energetic' body. Remineralizes and nourishes the skin. Removes dead skin cells, balances skin tone and slows cell aging. Improves body pains and nervousness. Ideal after sun exposure, dehydration or irregular sleep.
Duration: 75min Price: $175
Energy Herb Bundles from Oceania
Improves physical and mental stress. Unblocks tension and clarifies mind, improving state of mind. Tones the nervous system and fights stress.
Duration: 75min Price: $175
Orchids and Semi-Precious Stones From Bali Sea 75 min
Relaxing and soothing. Ideal for recovering energy and improving dry, sensitive skins battered by cold, wind and sun. Lightens blemishes and soothes. Improves physical, mental and emotional fitness.
Duration: 75min Price: $175
Coffee Session from Jamaican Blue Mountains
Geothermal therapy with basalt stones from rapid cooling of magma and coffee with a high caffeine content for holistic recovery and wellbeing.
Duration: 90min Price: $175
Pearls and Gold from the Pacific
Brightness and smoothness on your skin in only one gesture to activate natural defenses. Skin is stronger and more moisturized, increasing beauty and reflecting youth.
Duration: 75min Price: $175
Japanese Waters and Massage with Tourmalines
Travel to faraway Japan to experience in your own skin the great myth of beauty. Eliminate the stress and pamper your body through our thermal waters based on the Japanese shiatsu and hot tourmaline gemstones.
Duration: 70min Price: $175
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