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Royal Spa Champagne Treatments

Bathed in Champagne: Le Royal and Dr Burgener bring a range of exclusive Laurent-Perrier champagne treatments to Beirut...

You might have heard of Aromatherapy and Massotherapy, but now is the age of Vinotherapy! Research has discovered that the polyphenols in champagne have powerful anti-aging properties, opening up a world of possibilities in beauty and health. This is why Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Beirut have teamed up with Dr Burgener of Switzerland to create the ultimate Champagne treatments at the Royal Spa, using bubbles of luxury as the elixir of youth.

"Champagne is the only wine that leaves a lady feeling pretty after drinking it" said Mme de Pompadour once. Today, science has revealed more ways to benefit from champagne, thanks to a new range of treatments. Indeed, by combining Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne with Chardonnay grapes and black orchids, the spa team at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Beirut is offering three unprecedented champagne treatments:

1. Body scrub with Chardonnay cream:
Uses extract and grape seeds of Chardonnay, important ingredients in making Laurent-Perrier champagne. This exfoliating, purifying treatment will leave you feeling particularly young and radiant.

2. Body wrap with Champagne, Black Orchids & Chardonnay:
Champagne, a symbol of rejuvenation and the black orchid, a symbol of virility, have been combined by Dr Pauline Burgener to create a special paste to wrap your body in for a unique experience.

3. Massage with Champagne & Chardonnay:
Oil of Chardonnay grape seeds and champagne are combined together to give you a special substance to massage your body with. All the benefits of champagne and of our expert masseurs together!

It is worthy to note that Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut represents superior champagne, aged for years until mature, and made with very select grapes to yield the right pH balance. After rigorous testing, these characteristics have proved to be ideal for the luxury Vinotherapy treatments of the Royal Spa and Dr Burgener. Let's just say this is truly the Royal road to staying young..
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