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Say No to Drugs Le Royal Hotel helps combat drug abuse among teenagers

Drug abuse among children and adolescents is on the rise worldwide and in Lebanon as well. New generations are being exposed to drugs at an earlier age with potentially harmful effects, possibly robbing them of a decent future. In addition, this is always a sensitive topic that is often avoided by parents and children alike, keeping society ignorant about drugs and their effects, often until it is already a problem. A positive conversation with your child can have great influence on the choices he or she makes, including decisions about using drugs.

On February 28, Le Royal Hotel hosted the AMAR International Charitable Foundation and Joseph El-Khoury MD MRCPsych, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Balamand University, to tackle this hot topic. Doctor El-Khoury, who is an expert in Addiction at the Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy & Applied Care (IDRAAC), presented a one-hour interactive workshop to raise awareness about drugs, their effects and ways to avoid them. This session attracted a mix of parents, educators and adolescents who openly interacted with Dr El-Khoury.

The session discussed why young people use drugs and revealed insightful statistics from Lebanon and abroad on the extent of drug use. It discussed categories of drugs and their adverse effects, as well as how to detect that a close person is using drugs. Most important, the workshop revealed how to say No to drugs and outlined strategies for parents, including what help is available and how to seek it.

This initiative will surely help many young people and set them on a healthier course for a better life. It is one of many initiatives sponsored by Le Royal in its drive to raise the standard in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across Lebanon. The future, after all, is in our hands!

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