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The Show Must Go On' says Le Royal to its staff with a sensational show and dinner!

The employees are the most important element in every successful organization, and nowhere is this truer than at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts – Beirut. To thank the efforts of all 330 staff members of Le Royal, and despite the challenging times that the tourism sector has been going through, the owners organized a spectacular staff party to reward the team members and underline their commitment. The theme of this year's party was the Cinema Year under the inspiring motto of ‘The Show Must Go ON’, leading to a spectacular staff gathering dinner held on Wednesday 9th of April at the Pearl ballroom. The atmosphere at the event was a splendidly cinematic one with a red carpet at the entrance and popcorn machine, 'reporters' from the management, and a wall of fame. The event featured several shows, surprises and gifts for employees, from movie tickets to a Samsung TV, trip to Marmaris from Wild discovery, Gift cards from ABC, brand-name cosmetics like Bourjois/Guerlain, paragliding experiences, and champagne bottles were some of the presents on the gift list, thanks to a long list of kind sponsors associated with Le Royal. Singers, stand-up comedians and a 'zaffe' troupe made sure that the show was a spectacular one. All the employees expressed their delight and gratitude during and after the event, underlining the very solid team spirit at Le Royal Beirut and underlining Le Royal's best-practice excellence in the hospitality field. Each employee received a shining star trophee,and enjoyed being on the receiving end of the hospitality equation and being rewarded with a great dinner, many gifts and an excellent show.
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