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Le Royal takes food safety to the highest level!

The quality of the food we eat is directly related to our health. Le Royal Hotels & Resorts – Beirut has always taken pride in providing high quality food and following the best hygiene practices. Recently its efforts have reached new heights with new management hygiene training that covers the strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system. HACCP is known as the ultimate food hygiene and safety system as it controls against all possible hazards at every level of a hospitality business (purchasing, receiving, storing, processing, and serving).

Against this backdrop, 11 managers from Le Royal successfully completed the Intermediate HACCP (Level 3 training) and Award In Managing Food Safety for Catering (Level 4 training) with Boecker. Training participant Henry Khoury earned special distinction as he was awarded one of the highest scores ever achieved in Level 4 training in Lebanon, while Manal Salem also received special merit for earning particularly high scores.

The upper management of the hotel was very proud of all its 11 managers who all completed their training successfully, making sure that the quality of food served at Le Royal will always be fresh and safe. This reinforces the strict standards being applied in all food and beverage outlets across the property, including kitchens and storage facilities. The standards also apply to the WaterGate Aqua Park every summer, providing the best possible level of food safety to clients. Le Royal’s vision of being a leader in this respect is now stronger than ever.
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