Le Royal Hotel Amman



Amman is a city of contrasts: deep valleys vs. high hills, old markets vs. new malls, ancient castles vs. rich villas, traditional handicrafts vs. modern art, and a dusty old souk vs. a futuristic modern Downtown.
Indeed, like a Phoenix rising from its ashes, a much-needed new downtown area for Amman is being built, only minutes away from Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Amman. Design-led skyscrapers in the Abdali complex have started to transform the capital into a thriving, modern area for business, leisure and residential use. The complex will soon house an IT hub, the American University of Jordan, a performing arts centre and a library. Open spaces and cutting-edge architecture will represent Amman’s urban regeneration with futuresque high-rise and low-rise buildings.

Yet the cultural, classical and historic still remain an important part of the city's heritage behind the scenes. The National Archaeological museum boasts an unusual collection of finds including preserved rhinoceros teeth that date back 200,000 years, famous Dead Sea Scrolls and preserved skulls among many other attractions. The grand Roman amphitheater right in the heart of Old Downtown is also a masterpiece of architecture, while its adjacent museum houses interesting objects related to Jordan's history. The adventurous could also go up to an old fortress (the Qalaa of Jabal al Qalaa) dating from ancient times on a large hill with an unparalleled view of the city.