Le Royal Hotel Beirut


Amazing Lebanon

If you've never visited Lebanon get ready to discover a vibrant culture and exotic experience that tantalizes the senses and wakes up the soul. Lebanon is full of new sensations and enlightening experiences.

From historic temples and biblical towns to Mediterranean beaches and Arabian flavors, Lebanon will take you on an adventure of a lifetime whether you're here for business, family or pure pleasure. Age-old cooking secrets, a convergence of cultures and religions, seasonal herbs and first class ingredients are all reflected in the process of Lebanese cooking and its mouth-watering results. The country has also been producing fine wines for thousands of years since Roman times. In addition, the Lebanese often enjoy their food with the national aniseed drink called Arak and their smooth local beer.

Fortunately, Le Royal Hotel - Beirut is one to two hours away from almost all parts of Lebanon. The ancient town of Byblos (now a lovely little port town) is where the western alphabet was developed and lies only half an hour away. Complete with a historic crusader castle, it is also a Unesco World Heritage site. Another half an hour north of Byblos will take you to Lebanon's second city, Tripoli, with its old soap market, gold souk, crusader citadel, Arabic patisseries and a genuine eastern feel.

Behind the Lebanon mountain range in the Bekaa Valley lie the ancient sites of Anjar and Baalbeck with fine ruins that still reflect the detail and ingeniousness of past civilizations. Stop by the Berdawneh River in the picturesque town of Zahleh for a delicious meal, and visit the region's various wine estates to try Lebanon's superior wines. On the other side of the country, the southern city of Sidon is known for its Arabic sweets as well, it's portside castle and a sophisticated soap museum. Adventurers can continue inland to Jezzine, known for its good food and traditional handicrafts, or on the coast to Tyr, with its long sandy beaches and impressive Roman ruins.
Worthy of note are the many international music festivals that take place in Baalbek, Beiteddine and Byblos, as well as film festivals and countless exhibitions.

This is just a peak of what Lebanon has to offer over and above the attractions of Beirut. The capital city is a hotspot for shopping, nightlife, all sorts of entertainment and the country's business hub. Since millennia, the city has always managed to reinvent itself quickly after numerous natural and manmade disasters. The surprising will of Beirut is witnessed in their genuine hospitality and eternal optimism that welcomes visitors like few other world capitals do. The attractions in this metropolis by the Mediterranean are numerous, be they cultural, culinary or nocturnal. World-class local and international restaurants sit side by side with jazz bars, night clubs and narguileh coffee shops. This is a city of sunshine, cultural events, beautiful people, respected tradition and absolute modernity, all rolled into one.

In Beirut, you can almost certainly get by in English and/or French, enjoying everything that the city has to offer. This will make shopping a pleasure and a visit to its museums pure delight.

Closer to the hotel the Jeita Grotto, Harissa Cable Car, old souks of Jounieh and Water Gate Aqua Park are all delightful to visit. And when you want to take a break, head back to Le Royal Hotel - Beirut to gaze at the sunset over the Mediterranean, be it on your room balcony or in the lobby lounge sipping a drink.