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What International Communications are There in Tunisia?
If you have a roaming mobile phone that belongs to the GSM system, it will work in Tunisia as well. The hotel offers international communications, wireless internet access and fax machines when required. Internet cafés are inexpensive and plentiful in metropolitan areas, although the connection can be slow. You can also buy a local mobile phone card which is relatively inexpensive, from any of the three mobile telephony providers.

What is The Weather Like in the Country?
Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate that is generally pleasant. It is cooler in winter and can get quite warm in summer.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Tunisia?
Generally, nationals of Canada, UK, USA and most EU countries do not need a visa and can stay 90 days in the country. Nationals of Australia do need a visa but may be able to obtain it on arrival (it is best to check). Nationals of Cyprus also need a visa. Nationals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Slovak Republic will need a visa if travelling independently, but will not need one if travelling on a recognized package holiday.

Is Tunisia Safe?
Tunisia is considered a very safe country with a low crime rate, but care must be taken with traveling alone or to distant areas. Be vigilant in the marketplaces where some salespeople can be insistent. Do not engage in conversation with strangers unnecessarily. Overall, the crime rate is definitely lower in the country than elsewhere in the world, although common-sense precautions are advisable.

What is the Dress Code Like?
The dress code is easygoing. You can dress practically anyway you like. You will see many Tunisians wearing traditional dress as well as many wearing western dress and up-to-date fashion clothing. When traveling to more traditional areas and holy sites, modest dress is recommended such as covering the shoulders for women and knee-length pants or dresses. Women will only need scarves when visiting a mosque.

What Languages are Spoken in Tunisia?
All Tunisians speak Arabic, and French is widely spoken in the main cities. English is becoming more popular, but do not assume that everybody speaks it.

What is the Time Difference in Tunisia?
Tunisia is at GMT +1 hour, which makes it in the same time zone as Paris and most of Central Europe.

What is the Currency in Tunisia?
The Tunisian Dinar (TND) is made up of 1000 Millimes, and is equivalent to approximately 70 US cents. This means that 1 US dollar is about 1.410 in Tunisian currency. The hotel changes main convertible currencies 24 hours a day and accepts all major credit cards. Keep in mind that you cannot take Tunisian dinars outside the country and you cannot use them at the Tax Free shop in the airport when leaving.

What are the Public Holidays?
  • Saturday January 1 - New Years Day
  • Tuesday February 15 - Le Mouled - The Prophets Birthday
  • Sunday March 20 - Independence Day
  • Monday March 21 - Youth Day
  • Saturday April 9 - Martyrs Day
  • Monday May 2 - Labor Day
  • Monday July 25 - Republic Day
  • Saturday August 13 - Women’s Day
  • Tuesday August 30 - Ramadan Holiday - Eid El-Fitr
  • Sunday November 6 - Feast of Sacrifice - El-Idha Holiday
  • Monday November 7 - Renewal Day - New Era Day
  • Saturday November 26 - Ras el am el Hejri - Islamic New Year

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