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What International Communications are There in Morocco?
If you have a roaming mobile phone that belongs to the GSM system, it will work in Morocco as well. The hotel offers international communications, wireless Internet access and fax machines when required. Internet cafés are inexpensive and plentiful in metropolitan areas, although the connection can be slow. You can also buy a local mobile phone card which is relatively inexpensive, from any of the three mobile telephone providers.

What is The Weather Linke in the Country?
In a word, the weather is cool in spring and warm in summer. The south and desert are best visited before and after summer, as it can get very hot there during the day. Summers by the coast however can be warm and pleasant, including Tangier. The mountains offer a variety of temperatures and are of course cooler than lower elevations. Spring is a particularly great time to visit.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Morocco?
Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter the Kingdom of Morocco and may stay up to 90 days:

Algeria - Andorra - Argentina - Australia - Austria - Bahrain - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - Republic of Congo - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Guinea (Conakry) - Hong Kong - Hungary - Iceland - Indonesia - Ireland - Italy - Ivory Coast - Japan - Kuwait - Latvia - Libya - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxemburg - Mali - Malta - Mexico - Monaco - Netherlands - New Zealand - Niger - Norway - Oman - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - Qatar - Romania - Russian Federation - Saudi Arabia - Senegal - Singapore (Singaporean nationals may stay up to one month without visa) - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Tunisia - Turkey  - UAE  - UK - USA - Venezuela.

Visitors intending to stay in Morocco longer than 90 days should request permission to extend the duration of their stay at the nearest Police Precinct. Citizens from countries not listed above must obtain a visa from their local Moroccan embassy or consulate.

Is Morocco Safe?
Morocco is considered a very safe country with a low crime rate, but care must be taken with traveling alone or to distant areas. Be vigilant in the marketplaces where some salespeople can be insistent. Do not engage in conversation with strangers unnecessarily. Overall, the crime rate is definitely lower in the country than elsewhere in the world, although common-sense precautions are advisable.

What is the Dress Code Like?
Easy going. You can dress practically anyway you like. You will see many Moroccans wearing traditional dress as well as many wearing western dress and up-to-date fashion clothing. When traveling to more traditional areas and holy sites, modest dress is recommended such as covering the shoulders for women and knee-length pants or dresses. Women will only need scarves when visiting a mosque.

What Languages are Spoken in Morocco?
The national tongue is Arabic. Almost everyone speaks some French and the youth know some English, particularly in the major cities. About 10 million Moroccans speak the Berber language which has three different dialects. Many Moroccans in the north of the country speak Spanish. Tourists will find no problems communicating, and many establishments provide signs, menus and information in English.

What is the Time Difference in Morocco?
Morocco is on the same time zone as Greenwich Meantime (GMT). It is on the same time with the UK and Lisbon, and just an hour before most of central Europe.

What is the Currency in Morocco?
The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (MAD). One Dirham is about 12 cents, which means that one US dollar is about 8 Dirhams.

What are the Public Holidays?
  • January 11: Proclamation of Independence
  • May 1: Labor Day
  • July 30: Enthronement
  • August 14: Oued Ed-Dahab Day
  • August 20: Revolution of the King and the People
  • August 21: Youth Day
  • November 6: Green March
  • November 18: Independence Day

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