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Morocco has always been an inspiring, exotic land shrouded in attraction and mystery. Located in the north of Africa, The Kingdom of Morocco had been infused with Spanish, French and British influences.

Its cities, such as Tangier, Casablanca and Fez, all have a colorful history, contrasting with the natural landscape of sea, mountains, greenery and desert.The large country, just across from Spain, straddles both the Mediterranean and Atlantic, with many different climates from coastal to arid. Indeed, the northern part of the country has a purely Mediterranean climate, while the deserts are extreme and the Atlas Mountains are cool and fresh. This gives rise to very interesting biodiversity, including a record number of fauna and flora.

Over the millennia, Arabs, Phoenicians, Africans and Iberians all contributed to the mix of people, as well as Romans in later years. Important Phoenician settlements include Chellah, Lixus and Mogador – a civilization that was then superseded by the Romans. By the fifth century, when the Roman Empire was in decline, the Visigoths, Vandals and Byzantines left their influences, although most of the mountains stayed in Berber hands. Islam reached Morocco in the 7th century with successive Arab dynasties, bringing with it an intricate civilization and heritage. More than a thousand years later in the 18th century, the French and British jointly controlled the country leaving traces of their culture as well.

Today, all this rich, vigorous mosaic is reflected in one of the world's best cuisines, ancient sites, sophisticated music, various indigenous peoples and an intricate culture that is best experienced firsthand – such as in the historic El Minzah Hotel Tangier by Le Royal Hotels & Resorts – rather than narrated. The Moroccan language also stands witness to this diversity, being quite different from the Arabic that's spoken in the Middle East or Egypt, one that's infused heavily by the Berber language, with a bit of Spanish thrown in for good measure. French comes in as a strong second, especially in the cities. From the traditional landscape of Tangier and Fes to the cosmopolitan ambiance of Casablanca and the remote villages of the high Atlas Mountains, Morocco will inspire you and take you into a strange world of 1001 nights. Long beaches, sand dunes and crag-filled valleys with Roman ruins will also distract you, while you drink local green tea with mint, best sampled after a harrira soup or couscous dish.

One of the finest starting points to discover this Kingdom is undoubtedly through Le El Minzah Hotel Tangier by Le Royal Hotels & Resorts, the historic property in the heart of the lively city of Tangier. Let this Moroccan adventure begin!


Tangier is a fascinating Moroccan city to visit. If you mix North Africa with Spain and France, add an arabesque element and throw in some warm weather, you get Tangier. The city has many of the things that travelers love – a sense of exotic mystery, interesting history, beautiful views, unspoiled beaches, and friendly people. It is an interesting mix of North Africa, Spain, and France. The city is located in northern Morocco, and was under joint international control until 1956. It is separated from Spain only by the 20 miles of the Strait of Gibraltar. Frequent ferries make the short crossing from Europe each day, and many cruise ships sailing between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic often include Tangier as a port of call.

Take a stroll along the beach on Mohamed VI Avenue – particularly on a Sunday – to discover what this city is all about, with all its past glory, ancient history, idyllic scenery, lovely beaches and interesting people. A visit to the Terrasse des Paresseux where you can watch people go by and a walk on Boulevard Pasteur is also highly recommended. Another recommended place is the old Café Hafa, for drinking mint tea, with a stunning view of the sea. This is a place where history was made and where many Hollywood films were directed. At every corner there are reminders of the colonial past, the love that foreigners or expatriates have for Tangier and the faded glory that still haunts today's visitors. Museums, impressive villas and cultural centers abound in this dynamic city, so do the enchanting alleyways and shops, especially in the Medina and Kasbah district around El Minzah Hotel Tangier. You must pass by the souks on Thursday or Saturday mornings, where colorfully dressed rural women sell their wares, particularly along the wall of the English Church. You may also find interesting leather goods, intricate brassware, spices, carpets and much more, particularly around the infamous Casa Barata or 'Cheap Things' market. Moroccan food is especially good, and El Minzah Hotel Tangier excels in preparing local delicacies as well as foreign delights. The beachfront can also offer a good glass of wine and a good meal for a change. Keep in mind that the Caid’s Bar at El Minzah Hotel Tangier has been popular since immemorial time. If you want to immerse yourself in eastern flair, feel the history yet enjoy the amenities of the modern world, El Minzah Hotel Tangier is certainly your port of call in Tangier.