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Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg offers a convenient location near a diverse range of attractions. Discover featured things to do in Luxembourg below:


Grund is the oldest part of the city with small typical houses, great views of the Vauban Fortress, and home to the Abbey of Neumunster. The name 'abbey' has remained, though this place was mostly used as a prison! Today, however, it is a meeting centre, art gallery and restaurant. This location is a labyrinth of history, parts of which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the 'Café des artistes' for its lively atmosphere, as well as the Nature Museum, or the hangout chock full of restaurants & bars in Luxembourg: Les Rives de Clausen. Additionally, the historic “Mousel et Clausen” brewery has given way to a new night spot with trendy bars and restaurants.


Discover the underground of Luxembourg by visiting what we called 'the casemates', representing 23 kilometers of underground tunnel networks carved from the city’s rocks. The first tunnels were built in 1644 and enlarged over the years. Part of a defense network, the casemates bestowed the name of 'Gibraltar of the North' on Luxembourg. A couple of these tunnels are open to the public and worth exploring.


If you like wine, you must visit Domaines de Vinsmoselle, a set of vineyards and estates that bring together the wine cellars Caves de Greiveldange, Grevenmacher, Remerschen, Stadbredimus and Wellenstein, as well as the production house of cremant (sparkling wine) in Wormeldange. The Château of Stadtbredimus is a mansion formerly occupied by Luxembourg's national poet Edmond de la Fontaine.


Renowned architect I.M. Pei chose the historic site of Fort Thüngen to build the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (Mudam). Located in Kirchberg, the museum showcases a world of contemporary art, bringing the best of European talent to the forefront. There are over 200 works by more than 100 artists. Temporary exhibitions, guided tours, a great café and other attractions are also available.


A ride from the Luxembourg city center up to Echternach in Mullerthal will reveal the Valley of the Seven Castles, considered a European Destination of Excellence. This signposted tour guides you through farmlands and woodlands, revealing the uniqueness of castles like Schoenfels in the Mamer Valley, Hollenfels from the 14th Century and two others in Ansembourg, among others.