Vision & Mission


Le Royal Hotels & Resorts
Le Royal was born out of building spectacular properties in different countries. While our resorts and buildings are truly beautiful, our strategy is built on the human factor. This is the cornerstone of our future vision, which holds that the positive energy of our employees is our main asset.
We aim to reach distinction through our employees and their professionalism. Superior training for our staff will go beyond motor skills and programmed responses. Our team members will be taught to be more proactive, intuitive and genuinely interested in enhancing the guest’s experience.
Being attentive to details and creating unparalleled experiences is what will differentiate us. Our vision is also to increasingly contribute to our community through social initiatives, creating a sense of devotion and advancing our philosophy of attention to others. Our core values will evolve to encompass: integrity, assurance, devotion, communication, cheerfulness, and stewardship.

Our primary goal is very simple: we want to offer the unexpected to exceed our guests’ expectations and to earn their loyalty, while empowering our employees at the same time. We will accomplish this by committing to our core values, by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and by creating a positive, proactive atmosphere among the team.
The different drivers of our mission are:
• Provide high product quality
• Provide superior customer service
• Encourage innovation/creativity
• Empower the team members
• Practice sustainable development
• Exploit the latest technology to compete in a rapidly evolving word
• Help the community
We achieve this with compassion, devotion and loyalty to all our stakeholders, be they clients, colleagues, partners or employees.