Le Royal Hotel Beirut



Fortunately, Le Royal Hotel - Beirut is one to two hours away from almost all parts of Lebanon. The ancient town of Byblos (now a lovely little port town) is where the western alphabet was developed. Complete with a historic crusader castle, it is also a Unesco World Heritage site. Another half an hour north of Byblos will take you to Lebanon's second city, Tripoli, with its old soap market, gold souk, crusader citadel, Arabic patisseries and a genuine eastern feel

Worthy of note are the many international music festivals that take place in Baalbek, Beiteddine and Byblos, as well as film festivals and countless exhibitions. This is just a peak of what Lebanon has to offer over and above the attractions of Beirut. The capital city is a hotspot for shopping, nightlife, all sorts of entertainment and the country's business hub.


Towering over the coast on a mountain top with a view of the Mediterranean and the Lebanon mountain range, this holy place is a site to behold. Travel up from Jounieh by cable car or drive to Notre Dame, also known as Our Lady of Harissa, only 15 minutes away.


Nominated as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world, the Jeita Grotto is a magical cavern deep within the bowels of the earth. A lake inside feeds Beirut with water and the experience of sailing on the lake within a mountain is unforgettable. This must-see attraction is only 15 minutes away.


The reconstructed cosmopolitan heart of Beirut is known for its cafes, high-end boutiques, restaurants and joie de vivre. Admire the mosques, churches and renovated buildings with distinct Beirut architecture, a mix of east and west. Shop till you drop and dine past midnight in this heavenly neighborhood.


Founded over 7000 years ago, Byblos was mentioned in the bible and dates from Phoenician times. Its picturesque port, traditional buildings and famous seafood restaurants contrast with the ruins and old fort of the town, all very close to each other by foot and barely half an hour from Le Royal Hotel – Beirut.


Lebanese nightlife at its best can be enjoyed in these competing two areas and their side streets. Monnot and Jemmayzeh are only few minutes’ walk from one another, and just 15 minutes from Le Royal. Fancy restaurants, trendy clubs and cozy pubs can all be found here.


Travel through time to the old souks of Tripoli, with the gold market, soap khan, sweet shops, and a crusader castle towering above the old town in all its glory. True Arabian flavors and a friendly people can be found in the old quarter of Lebanon's second largest city, an hour away from the hotel.


The trip to Baalbek may take a couple of hours, but it is well worth the visit. This is one of the best preserved Roman temples (with later additions by other civilizations). Spectacular architecture, history and a museum onsite will delight you as you explore the preserved temple of Bacchus, GOD of wine.


An astounding Lebanese palace that features the best of Damascene, Ottoman and Venetian architecture, Beiteddine was built by Emir Bashir Shehab II between 1788 and 1818. A small museum, gardens, mosaics and traditional hamam will amaze you, so will the view of surrounding valleys.