Le Royal's Fitness Center having one of the best gym & tennis court in Lebanon offers its guests and members a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Fitness Overview


Move It!

Our daily fitness classes are led by expert trainers and are varied to meet your needs and wishes.

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Accessible Facilities & Amenities

In addition to access to all spa facilities and amenities, our professional trainers are always available to guide you with training and fitness journey.

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Rules & Policies

Tobacco, smoking, vaping, drugs or illegal substances of any kind are not permitted in the facility or on the grounds.
No food or beverages are allowed in the Fitness Center.
You are expected to observe weight room etiquette and demonstrate courtesy towards others at all times.
Bars, dumbbells and plates must be returned to their proper place/racks after use.
Towels are available at the Fitness Center and must be returned in the baskets after you finish using them.