Our Suites

elevate your stay to sophistication and indulgence, where every suite is a treatment to refined luxury. From panoramic views to exclusive amenities, each suite is a place of comfort and elegance and personalized service and exquisite design.

Unmatched  Elegance in our Suites

Experience unparalleled elegance in our suites at Le Royal, your ultimate suite hotel in Lebanon. From elegant suites in Beirut to 5-star accommodations near me, our suites redefine luxury. Enjoy the opulence of a 5-star suite, whether it's a five-star hotel suite room or a 5-star hotel presidential suite. Indulge in the sophistication of our suite rooms in a 5-star hotel, featuring luxurious amenities such as a 5-star jacuzzi suites near me. Elevate your stay with us and discover the epitome of luxury living in our exceptional suites.

Luxurious Suites for Your Stay

Welcome to our suite hotel in Beirut, offering a range of elegant suites for your indulgence. Immerse yourself in the charm of 5-star suite hotels near me, experiencing the luxury of 5-star hotel suites. Discover elegance in every detail, from the allure of 5-star accommodation near me to the allure of a 5-star suite. Explore the comfort of a suite room in a 5-star hotel, whether it's a five-star hotel suite or a 5-star suite with a jacuzzi. Your luxurious stay begins in our meticulously designed suites.

Unwind in our 5-Star Suites

Unwind in our exclusive 5-star suites at Le Royal. Our suite hotel in Lebanon offers elegance and comfort, from 5-star suite hotels near me to a suite room in a 5-star hotel. Immerse yourself in luxurious accommodations, experiencing the charm of five-star hotel suites. Discover the allure of 5-star hotel suites near me, featuring a 5-star jacuzzi suite for added relaxation. Elevate your stay with our luxurious five-star hotel suite rooms, designed to provide an unparalleled experience.


Unparalleled luxury

Cedar Suite

A luxurious suite with a spacious master bedroom, with deluxe furniture and an elegant Jacuzzi overlooking panoramic views.

225 m2
Sea View

Royal Suite

Elegant and vintage, a spacious master bedroom that meets a large dressing room and a luxurious oriental-style blue décor.


Family Three-Bedroom Suite

A three-bedroom suite that is ideal for families. A fully furnished kitchen, a room and bathroom for the helper, a spacious living and dining room to relax and entertain with large balconies.

260 m2
Sea View

Ambassador Suite

Our breathtaking one-bedroom suite is located on the highest floors. A Luxurious master bedroom, with a separate living room, a large panoramic terrace and a private outdoor Jacuzzi.

130 m2
Sea View
Outdoor Jaccuzzi

Diplomatic Suite

This splendid one-bedroom suite located on the highest floors. An elegant master bedroom, with a separate living room and a furnished panoramic terrace, with a jacuzzi in the bathroom.

130 m2
Sea view

Family Two-Bedroom Suite

Spacious, ideal for families as it includes a lively décor, a separate living room, two spacious rooms and a dining area as well as a large balcony.

130 m2
Sea View

Duplex Suite

This refined one-bedroom duplex suite is a spacious, sunlit split-floor haven offering a luxurious master bedroom, a dining area, a separate living room and two bathrooms.

90 m2
Sea View

Royal Junior Suite

Discover our trendy one-bedroom Royal Club Junior Suite, located on the hotel’s highest floors. An elegant master bedroom with its own separate living room and bathroom Jacuzi.

80 m2
Mountain View

Family One-Bedroom Suite

Our comfortable one-bedroom family suite is warmly decorated with a large balcony and a spacious separate living room with two bathrooms.

140 m2
Sea View

Deluxe Junior Suite

Located on the highest floors of the hotel, our Deluxe Junior Suite offers impeccable comfort and style. An elegant master bedroom with its own separate living room with a large sofa bed.


Junior Suite

Our cozy one-bedroom suite is complete with a Queen size bed, and a comfortable separate living room. Perfect for families, this Suite Sea View comprises of an additional sofa bed that can be used free of charge by a third guest.

75 m2
Sea View

Amenities to help you
enjoy like never before

Enjoy our diversified amenities to make your stay as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

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Rules & Regulations

To ensure a safe and comfortable stay to our guests, the below rules need to be followed:

To prevent fire, refrain from smoking on the beds, and in any places prone to catch fire.
Do not change the position of the gadgets and fixtures in the Hotel or guest rooms without permission.
Do not leave your personal belongings in the passages or the lobby unattended.
Any acts of photography that may bother the other guests in the Hotel are strictly prohibited inside the Hotel or guest rooms.
No pets are allowed at the hotel premises.
No Shisha allowed inside the guest rooms.